Stuck on Error 3006

  • So it basically started roughly at the beginning of the week. The game started getting choppier and choppier, and now I can't even get past the character select screen, most of the time I get that error message, once in a while I will see my characters when it times out, but the animation is very choppy.

    To me it looks like my connection is just too weak, but I can play other games, even hearthstone, just fine. I tried a number of resets, involving my internet connection, flushing my dns, deleting the entire game and reinstalling completely, but it's always the same. Totally open to ideas, thanks guys :)
  • Hey Cyth and Olodian,

    Thank you for letting us know what you have tried. I do have some additional steps to try that we have seen help with error 3006 before.

    • Please run the Blizzard App with the Run as Administrator option.

    Please run a full scan of the computer with an security program.

    • I have seen some security programs cause this to happen before. Add Diablo III to the security programs exception list. If this continues temporarily disable any security program to see if it is causing the error.
  • Could I get some of you to post the results from a WinMTR test please?

    Running WinMTR -

    Try to make sure that while it's running when you connect to the game, you are still getting the error codes.
  • MunchkinX,

    Are you on wireless? - 0 | 179 | 179 | 1 | 16 | 47 | 13 |

    You shouldn't have such a high average ping value to your router/modem unless you are.

    If you're able to, I'd like to see if running wired instead makes a difference for you.
  • MunchkinX,

    Could you please try power cycling your network devices and then checking the game's connection?
  • MunchkinX,

    I wonder if it's something to do with the Desktop App's background downloader kicking in recently? I see you have World of Warcraft on your account so it would have started up for you. You might see if setting the app to exit after a game launches allows you to connect to D3 properly.
  • MunchkinX,

    Not much more I can do in a forum then, I suggest you submit a support ticket and include your MsInfo report. Also, include the brand and model # of the modem you're using please. Lastly, if you have access to using a VPN for troubleshooting purposes, it would help to know if it allowed the connection to proceed.

    Obtaining System Files -