Diablo 3 not launching: The application encountered an error

  • I am unable to launch Diablo 3. Already reinstalled the game but still not running. Here is my code: D9AFE925-D285-4408-B396-9B1350910F3C
  • Hey Horizon,

    Thank you for posting the report ID. From the error log that goes with it I do see RzChromaSDK64.dll show in the error logs. There is a known issue where Razer software is causing Diablo III and some other game to not launch. Razer did release a fix for this here. Do note that update does not work with some older Razer hardware.
  • @WingNut @wolferine
    Can y'all post a DxDiag report?

    We'll likely also want a DxDiag report from you. Please also provide some more detail on your issue as "not launching" can mean a few different things. Is the game crashing with an error code? Are you getting a black screen and then the game just closes? Or do you press the Play button and nothing happens?
  • @biostar
    Are you able to run a scan and repair on the game client?
  • @Gojasu
    Can you go through and uninstall the Razer Chroma SDK? Should show up as Razer Chroma SDK Core Components in the Windows Apps & Features window.