Diablo3.exe stops responding task manager

  • Hello,
    I am having issues with Diablo3 on my PC seems to only happen when running with 4 players in greater rifts / rifts.

    Issue does not occur when I run solo, it occurs on occasion when running in a pair or with 3 players.

    I ran the game in Windowed mode and observed the following behaviour in task manager. when lots of action is on the screen the game locks up for 30+ seconds at a time Diablo3.exe has stopped responding in task manager, this then returns to a running state. Continually happens throughout the rift. The game doesn't actually crash, no crash logs in the windows application log.

    I have had the issue since season start. A clan mate of mine is having the same issue.

    Troubleshooting steps so far.
    1. Disable in game sounds - Same issue.
    2. 32bit client same issue.
    3. Disabled G-sync same issue.
    4. Windowed mode same issue.
    5. Windowed full screen mode same issue.

    I can run destiny 2 for hours on end without issue.

    Not sure what else to try please see below for system specs.
    CPU= 8700K
    MOBO= Rog Maximus X hero
    RAM= 2x8GB Gskil 3200 DDR4
    HDD= Samsung 960 evo M2 SSD
    GPU= Nvidia 1080ti
    OS = Windows 10 ENT LTSB 1607
  • Howdy!

    This is a sign some kind of throttle or conflict is occurring causing the delay. Luckily it appears most of the time your system recovers. More players may utilize more system resources the same way more monsters on the screen does. I would recommend to check the following steps:

    Step 1) Windows 10 ENT LTSB 1607- Your Windows 10 is very out of dated. Please look into getting this version of Windows 10 updated to the latest. This is important as more recent versions of Nvidia Drivers are built for the updated version and may cause problems on older versions of windows.

    Step 2) Keep the system in Selective Startup to make sure all background programs are shut. This will minimize the risk of a third party conflict and save system resources.

    Step 3) Log into the Blizzard app -> Select the Diablo III icon on the left -> Options -> Show in Explorer -> Open the Diablo III folder. Right click on the Diablo III.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Check: Disable Fullscreen optimization. Apply and OK.

    Retest the game!

    If the issue continues download and run HWmonitor in the background while you play. Once the issue occurs if your system recovers, exit the game and take a screenshot of HWmonitor showing your CPU/GPU heat levels. You can upload the screenshots to sites such as GoogleDrive or Imgur then link back here for review.

    Thank you.