Crash after a few minutes

  • Updated GPU drivers (Nvidia 398.36)

    For the last three days, I have been unable to play for longer than 2-4 minutes before crashing. Until that point, it works perfectly. No stutter, stable 60 fps, no lag. Then reliably about 2-4 minutes, it will crash to desktop.

    Windows 10, 1703 (have not updated recently, no change there)
    GTX 980 Ti (had not updated drivers in about a year)

    Troubleshooting that has failed:
    - Using the 64 bit or 32 bit client
    - Restarting my computer
    - Closing all other running programs
    - Using the "Scan and Repair" tool from the launcher
    - Completely uninstalling and reinstalling Diablo III
    - Running ScanDisk (both within Windows and from CMD)
    - Disabling antivirus protection
    - Enabling/Disabling "Full Screen Optimizations" in the EXE properties
    - Setting Diablo III64.exe to Run as Administrator
    - Updating GPU drivers (clean install option, 398.36)

    I've run out of ideas, and the logging does not contain the word "error" anywhere.

    D3Debug 1 (non-admin)

    D3Debug 2 (admin)

    D3Debug 3 (admin)


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  • Hey, IllithidBane!

    The most recent crash reports that you submitted were caused by DisplayFusion.

    If you get any new ones, make sure you submit them and paste the crash code here so we can take a look.