Cant connect, characters wont appear.

  • Whenever I try to log into the American region, where all my characters are, one of three things happen. First, I can't see any of my old characters. Second, it will show just one of my characters, but the select character button is not available, and i cannot start a game at all. Third, after trying to retrieve the hero list, i will simply get an error that says Your Request has timed out. Please trt again. Code 3006

    I've tried starting just Diablo on its on and making sure the correct region is selected, but that doesn't work either.
  • Howdy Sprawl,

    It looks like D3 is either having issues with corrupt files or getting connected fully. With that in mind I have a few things for you to try real quick.

    Repair Game
    DNS Flush

    If these don't help please let us know, we will need a DXDIAG and a WinMTR from you to better get an idea of what's going on. Please post these in different posts to keep things clean.