Patch 2.5 Freezes and Lag: Observations and Request for Help

  • Dear Blizzard,

    I write this as an open letter and a request for assistance/acknowledgement regarding the freezing and lag issues surrounding patch 2.5. You have clearly seen a vast number of people have been posting to this forum regarding these issues, all to no discernible recognition the problem shared by many. As it stands of what I have seen occur when trying to play the following observations occur:

    - The game typically starts with a long freeze after about a minute or so of play. At this point you either don't recover and crash, or it leads to
    - You play with occasional freezes (3 seconds in length, approximately 1-2 minutes apart), which in harder game play is almost a death sentence in itself and therefore makes the game unplayable. If you continue to play through this it leads to
    - Ping spikes of 600-1200ms at the points in time where the occational freezes used to occur.

    This is not the 32-bit issue (although whilst at it, when IS that going to be addressed?). An update of graphic drivers, a fresh install of Diablo 3, and a number of other counter-measures/fixes people have tried of the forums do not appear to be working. You have a growing population that is virtually ruled out of participating in Season 10 fairly. How is it that so many of us, with good PC's and connections, continue to have to resort to these strategies to try and make a game we all paid real money for work? The game should just work.

    The lack of communication from you to the community has been very apparent, and has been to the detriment of both parties. If you have no idea what is going on and it's going to take a lot of time and data collection to identify the problem, then tell us as such. Not addressing the community only seeks to further frustration and concern that we don't have a time frame in which this whole problem that is Diablo 3's technical flaws is going to be resolved.

    So Blizzard, to know that you have recognised this as an issue and are working towards a proper fix would put a lot of us at ease, but in the mean time I would love any further suggestions you may have in getting Diablo 3 working as intended. As it currently stands, not even making through a rift before it crashes out isn't acceptable by anyone's standard of a gaming product, and I like many just want to be able to play unhindered. Thank you.

    Update - 6 Days Later:

    People I really appreciate you all taking the time to write up the problems you've been having regarding this series of issues. Given that it's been a whole 6 days since the original post, there is little excuse as to why Blizzard haven't had the time to respond to our issues listed here.

    04/20/2017 06:21 AMPosted by Tooneye
    Game was running completely fine till season 10, now it's a big mess.

    04/20/2017 06:21 AMPosted by Tooneye
    Devs wont answer, mvps/forum heros keep copy pasting the same stuff. If I buy a game i expect it to work even if it's years old.

    04/20/2017 06:21 AMPosted by Tooneye
    Its purely their fault and they are the only ones who can fix this

    These are some important points Tooneye brings up. These issues are widespread and systemic, and well beyond what is reasonable for us, the consumer, to be expected to address ourselves.

    Blizzard, I like a growing number of people are tired of being asked to jump through the hoops of this growing list of "fixes" which usually do not fix the problem. If this is going to take some time on your end to isolate and correct the issue we are understanding of this, but the silence from you on these issues is a remarkable slight on your reputation for transparency and support.

    Whilst waiting for Blizz to extend some modicum of communication, I wish to add the following observation to the issuue:

    - Upon restarting my PC, Diablo 3 performs as intended for at least one hour, before the freezes of increasing length start to come into the foreground.
    - Left long enough, these freezes eventually cannot be recovered from, and crash the game.

    Hopefully this may add to your understanding of the issue and give some direction into your endeavour to fix things, but as I have implored you above, please get back to myself and the greater Diablo 3 community about this issue. More to follow.

    Update - 86 Days Later:

    Well guys I'm back to check if Blizzard, even during a major patch to add the necromancer, have done anything to fix this problem we are experiencing. Failing that? At the LEAST mention that it exists and that they are working on it. After almost 3 months and five pages of posts from all you frustrated players out there posting, how many Blizzard responses do we have to show for it in this thread? Zero.

    You tell us to visit these forums and post issues in order to attract a response and some support. We have done that here in this post, and yet we have not been helped. We have been more than patient in waiting for some sign of acknowledgement. What more are we meant to do Blizzard? That is both a cry of frustration and a very real and pertinent question for this entire scenario.

    I think we've all waited long enough, and I'll be damned if I'm going to hand over another $21.95 for the necromancer pack for a game that is still broken, with seemingly no support in sight by its developer. Please change this and let us know you have identified this issue and that it is to be fixed. All we are wanting is that basic request that the game just work, without all the hoop jumping mentioned above.
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