Diablo 3 freezes upon loading into gameplay

  • Well this is new.

    This evening I found that, after working this morning, diablo III suddenly developed a new habit: the game will start fine, I can select characters, difficulties, game modes etc. Then after making it through the loading screen, the game will play the sound of starting, show me a still image of the loaded in game complete with big "checkpoint" splash and that sound effect. Then freeze. The game completely locks up my screen: I can't Alt+Tab out, or reach the task manager; since when I try, all I get is the same image with nothing to interact with. Bizarrely; the windows UI you get when using ctrl+alt+del still appears, and I can "sign out" of my profile, but otherwise, there is no way to get rid of this.

    What, the heck is going on here?
  • Howdy everyone!

    We’ve been seeing a lot of crashing issues recently being cause by Razer Chroma SDK, this may also be causing the freezing ya’ll are seeing. To resolve this you can update to Synapse 3: https://www.razer.com/synapse-3

    This will update the software to the newest version and should stop the game from crashing.

    If for any reason you are still crashing after updating, or have something else not related to Razer Software, please make a new thread and we will take a look for you.

    I will be locking this thread due to it being rather old, to help avoid any confusion.