• edp
    wow..just paid 20.00 dollars for the crusader deluxe upgrade. very very misleading. weapons transmogs not there.....ummm. it also showed a treasure goblin pet....ummm again not there. Oh oops found out after the fact its for WOW played wow for a bit never saw treasure goblin in game hmmm.. I have been a blizzard customer for a long time. because of this I will probable never use real world money again. Unhappy for sure.
  • Direct link to the shop here.

    There should be a description under each item you will get, and a game icon for the reward on the picture. What I mean is, if you look at the treasure goblin photo from the above link, you should see the logo for World of Warcraft on the photo, and under the photo the name should say Pet for World of Warcraft.