Launching Issues

  • So I have re installed Diablo 3 for the new season and I can't launch the game. I've tried installing on both hard drives and launching in 32 bit. Nothing seems to work. Here is my error code DFD2198B-5628-43C0-A76B-0519310A5663. Please help.
  • R3beLRioT,

    Could you please try disabling or uninstalling Discord and either Avast or Avg, whichever of the two you're using and then see if it will launch properly?
  • R3beLRioT,

    You may need to uninstall them then and reboot as I'm still seeing both in your latest crash report.

    DBG-MODULE<65720000 00216000 "DiscordHook.dll" "DiscordHook.dll.pdb" 0 {3e29fe97-641a-4dfe-b95979882304450a} 1 1527033380

    DBG-MODULE<70F30000 0002f000 "aswhookx.dll" "aswhookx.pdb" 0 {a2da470b-81be-441f-a9f4900fc7900347} 3 1524469865>

    It might also help to
  • R3beLRioT,

    What are you using for a graphics card, display, desktop, and game resolution?

    According to D3Debug.txt file included with your crash report,

    Opening Fullscreen Direct3D at 3620x2036, 32 bit, 59 Hz

    This could be a 4k screen in windowed mode or maybe an Nvidia DSR mode. Try setting the desktop and game resolutions to 1920 x 1080.

    It's crashing when it gets to where it needs to talk to the graphics card.

    2018.06.15 18:26:34.802143800 Saved dump file to 'D:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\App-0.dmp'
    2018.06.15 18:26:34.806369100 ****** Graphics Query Support ******
    2018.06.15 18:26:34.814918100 FRAMEQUERY_EVENT: Yes
    <ERROR-0>2018.06.15 18:26:34.824326300 FRAMEQUERY_BANDWIDTH: No

    Note - the last crash didn't show any evidence of Avast or Discord. If you found some more Avast files, it would seem it wasn't due to Discord so you can probably add that back as long as you don't use its overlay feature. For Avast, I believe they have a game mode you can enable or maybe you can whitelist the Diablo III executable files or game folder so it's not checked.