• I am receiving this error 'The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server'. When I try to create or join a game session, the game loads for like, one and a half minute and return to the menu screen. The error started after I got my last season items on the mailbox (didn't collected them) and restarted the game.

    I have done or tried all of the following with no success:
    Create other characters.
    All my drivers are up to date.
    Windows 10 is running the latest patch.
    MTR is showing no packet loss to America server (Brasil).
    Startup programs and services were disable.
    Deleted the Diablo 3 folder and my documents and uninstalled/reinstalled game.
    Flushed DNS.
    Reset modem and router.
    Directly connected to modem.
    Uninstalled Razer Chroma SDK.
  • Howdy!

    Can you run a WinMTR in the background to help capture this issue and post the results back here within code blocks? This will help us narrow down where the issue is occurring.