Low fps after switching motherboards

  • Hey! Here's my problem: I had to switch motherboards since the old one literally started smoking and now my fps have dropped down A LOT.
    The thing went like this: I had an Asus M5A97 R2.0 EVO with a FX-8370, 8GB RAM and a GTX 750 Ti Strix, with this setup I used to play with every graphics setting in high, this continued for around 2-3 years until the motherboard just died(Tried to turn it on one day, it would but it wouldn't show anything on the screen or respond ot anything and it even smoked a tiny tiny bit for a second). Today I replaced it for an Asrock N68-GS4 FX R2.0 and even though I installed every driver I could find multiple times, now even in low settings, I have like 20-30 fps! I even went to NVIDIA Control panel and changed the power settings, did the same in Windows Power Settings, nothing! Any ideas on what might be going on? This happens in League of Legends too but doesn't quite happen in Overwatch though(Went into practice range with Junkrat, never anything lower than 100 fps) so I know it must be a software problem.
    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: CPU temps don't go higher than 22°C and GPU temps are max 24° C
  • Those temperatures you mentioned are incredibly low. Based on those, it sounds like you CPU and GPU likely aren't getting anywhere near their max clock speeds. Mind running HWMonitor while you play? Let's play for about 10-15 minutes then minimize the game. From there take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to a site like imgur to link here.