Application Encountered An Unexpected error

  • I'm having no problem with the Blizzard Launcher. But every time I try to log into D3 I get the Dianblo III logo, and the launcher states game is running. It gets so far as to display the in game pointer, than abruptly the game shuts down and I get the above titled error with no option to submit it to Blizzard. (or anywhere for that matter.) I have tried (twice) uninstalling the game as well as the launcher and reinstalling to the same effect.
    The error code it gives me is as follows:

    Also worth noting this is a refurbished ASUS ROG bought off e-bay.
    No clue what's going on. HALP!

    Also worth noting, I have no problem playing Hearthstone...?
    Have also run scan/repair to no avail...
  • The Nvidia drivers installed look to be 359.46 which were released in 2015. Let's grab the updated drivers here and give the game a try.