Unexpected Error

  • Hello. I wanted to get back into Diablo 3, got that itch once again. After letting all of my battle.net games update, I launched Diablo 3 only to encounter an unexpected error. It looked like the game was going to launch normally before crashing to this point.

    Code: 2D026657-9CE6-4632-BE30-873538B08BBD
  • Seeing two things in the crash log. The first is going to be the DIscord overlay so I'd suggest disabling that:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FFD85200000 00212000 "DiscordHook64.dll" </code>
    From there it looks like Avast may also be causing issues so we can try uninstalling that:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FFD941B0000 00034000 "aswhooka.dll" </code>
    If there's still issues, let's grab a DxDiag report.
  • Glad to hear it was an easy fix!