Error message when trying to load game

  • There are times when I try to load the game, that it freezes and close the game. Then when I try to load it up again, I get a pop up error message that says the following:

    The application encountered an unexpected error. To help up identify the problem, please describe what you were doing when the error occurred.

    I wanna know can I get rid of this message because it can get very annoying and frustrating when I want to play but I can't because this thing pops up preventing me from playing.


  • mrJamestown I responded to your other post.

    XenaRocks, Ragecow and Chetanji I either did not find any error log or only found partial generic error logs from these crashes. To help find out what is causing these crashes, please post a DxDiag and Diablo III Error Logs. Paste the DXdiag and Diablo III Error Logs into the post, select and highlight everything you just pasted, and hit the "code" button (</>). That'll make the information much more readable.
  • Thank you for posting the DxDiag, XenaRocks. The file shows that the drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce 940M is over a year old. I recommend updating those drivers to the latest version.