[Solution for EU NS botting] Hacks@Exploits

  • Dear Nevalistis, Tylalir, Kauza and others Community Managers!
    I'am an author of previous thread against botting that had good result in the end of Season 12.

    Right now I want to take a focus for NS leaderboard.
    I want to say about botters who use it for over 3-5 years and still not get banned.
    I am not gonna say battle tags or give a link to the profile.
    Follow this link to see 3 major botters in EU (currently Rank 3 party NS)

    There are a lot of others NS botters but there is no reason to search and ban them till they come in the LB to insult legit players.
    You shall care about legitimacy TOP-12 of every NS leaderboard. And I am ready to give you an information about EVERY HIGH RANKED NS BOTTER that should get banned instantly. Dont let them to take Rank 1 party NS.
    All of these 3 botters have over 6,2k paragon lbl, over 2376773 ELITE KILLS and over 43802598 LIFETIME KILLS. Just check their statistic and ban. We, legit players, are not gonna see these botters in the NS LB anymore.
    P.s. There are not much botters in EU leaderboard. I know how it is hard to detect them. I think the best solution is to waite when they take high position in LB and ban them.
  • I've said it numerous times before, but for reiteration (and consider this the TLDR of what follows): We are, have been, and will continue to be dedicated to combating cheating in our games, as well as upholding our TOS.

    If you suspect someone is botting, please do feel free to report them to hacks@blizzard.com. It's always great for us to have more information! Beyond that, our team has access to a bevy of tools, data, and research that goes well beyond skimming the leaderboards for suspects. That's simply not how we go about it.

    "How then," you may ask, "does Blizzard identify and ban cheaters?"

    That's something I can't answer. It is, in fact, harmful if we reveal or allude to our methods. Fighting cheating is a cold war of sorts. We catch and ban a bunch of people. Cheaters will inevitably evolve and find a new way to cheat. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

    We have no intention of giving up, but the fight is never over! We keep our secrets close to our chest because that's one of the best ways to keep our advantage and reduce the impact of third party applications and botting on our honest players. I'm a big advocate in general for transparency, but this is one of those topics where it causes more harm than help to the fight.

    Lastly, I've locked this because it's a pretty inflammatory way to go about getting your voice heard. Let's try not to repost the same thing every season while posting in all bold and caps, yeah? I want to ensure that you guys know we hear your concerns, but there isn't a back-and-forth conversation to have here. Most questions we just can't answer. But acknowledgement is important, so here's our perspective—at least, the most of it that I can offer.