game crashes upon start up

  • every time i try to start up diablo 3 on the 64 bit and the 32bit it crashes... i tried uninstalling diablo 3 and the app but its still crashing.. i tried deleting cache and changing the d3 graphical settings on my nvidia game ready app but its still crashing.. plz help.

    this is the error code for the 32 bit client when it crashes.. it dosent even give me an error code on the 64 bit.. it just says "diablo 3 retail has stoped working"

  • Hey thundore,

    It appears that Avast and Nvidia Share are showing up on the crash logs. Could we try temporarily disabling Avast and Nvidia Share or temporarily uninstalling Nvidia Geforce Experience?

    If it continues, could we gather DxDiag files?
      1. Press Windows Key + R, type in DxDiag and press Enter.
      2. In the window, click Save All Information.
      3. Name the file and click Save.
      4. Please copy and paste the DxDiag information in-between the code blocks (</> button).
      <code>It should look like this.</code>