Application encountered an unexpected error

  • Report ID: D78EA7F9-443C-403F-8022-99159E527147
    I have just reinstalled Diablo 3 on my machine having recently replaced my hdd with ssd. I have run a Scan and Repair as well as run a Check for Updates and all is in order. Game simply does not opne and presents error = The application encountered an unexpected error.
  • Hey SentinelX105,

    Thank you for posting the report ID. From the error log that goes with it I see that the driver for the Nvidia graphics card is pretty old. Old drivers like this can cause all sorts of issues. Please make sure the Nvidia driver is updated.
  • Hey, Strada!

    You crash is being caused by OSBASE iDisplay Software. Try disabling or updating that to see if it helps.

    I will be locking this thread as it is an older one.