High GPU usage on the lowest settings

  • Hello, I have this issue with very high GPU usage, causing my video card to squeek and the fans nonstop running. With the highest settings I go up to 90% usage, with lowest I get 60%. I have this game since 2013-14 and I had a lot worse PC before, running without problems. (I am running the game with 144 Hz settings, Vsync on in nvidia control panel, not in-game)

    My current set up is:

    MB Z370 SLI
    CPU i7-8700
    GPU GTX 1060 6GB
    Mem 16 GB DDR4
    1080p 144Hz Monitor

    Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot.
  • Howdy!

    Lowering the settings may help but you are also running the game at a high FPS rate of 144hz. You would also need to lower the FPS cap either try 30 or 60 FPS. This is only a workaround though.

    Your GPU usage in this case does not appear to be the problem. Your video card squeaking and the fans possibly being too loud. Seems to be the core issue here, one that you may also want to bring up to the video card manufacturer for a permanent resolution. They may offer some troubleshooting or even warranty the fans so you can run the game on high settings and high FPS with out fan issues.

    Thank you!