Mouse Pointer Offset

  • I am on a MacBookPro, with the latest version of D3 installed.

    Whenever I switch to either fullscreen or windowed(fullscreen) the mouse pointer image is approximately an inch to the left and a half an inch above the point where any click will be registered.

    This only happens in those two modes, in windowed mode, the mouse pointer and the click location coincide as you would expect.
  • Hey, Griff!

    This can happen from time to time because of in-game settings. Have you tried resetting the in-game options?

    Also just curious, if it isn't set to the native resolution on the mac, try checking the resolution is set to native?

    Let us know if it's still happening in the full screen display modes!
  • Thanks for the response, Griff!

    I suspect this may be a resolution or settings issue since Windowed mode is working just fine. Please check the resolution, if it hasn't been checked yet.

    If the resolution is lower or higher than the native resolution, it could potentially cause this issue. The same goes for checking the in-game resolution if possible! The fullscreen setting in-game should allow the resolution to be changed :)

    If you've played around with the settings and the issue persists, please contact our Technical Support department, with system files, this should help us diagnose and work closer to find a resolution to the mouse offset issue :)