Diablo III kills my Internet connection?

  • Here's an odd one for the archives:

    Up until yesterday, I rarely had any problems playing D3; my latency was fine, my connection speed was brisk, and I hadn't had a single timeout issue since the first couple of days post-launch.

    After downloading and installing the latest update, however, staying connected to D3 for more than 5 minutes at a stretch is a minor miracle.

    I can sustain downloads for hours in other applications and even other games, and pings out to google.com show only minimal, occasional packet loss (below 1%, which is actually fairly decent for my ISP in my area).

    However, since yesterday afternoon every time I launch Diablo III and log into a game, I can guarantee with scientific accuracy that within no more than 5 minutes, not only will I be dropped from my game, but I will be dropped from the login servers AND any other Internet-connected applications will lose contact with the outside world as well.
    That's right: I don't just get disconnected from the game - the game effectively disconnects my Internet.
    I've duplicated this event half a dozen times just to be sure, and it only occurs after logging into D3.

    During these outages, my LAN connection (hardwired, not wireless) loses Internet connectivity completely. I can still ping my local gateway with no problem and can access local network resources, but continuous pings to the outside time out, as do attempts to load webpages or connect to the outside world via other applications.

    Within about 2 minutes of this happening, my connection restores and I can reconnect. If I choose to reconnect to D3, however, the cycle occurs again.

    I'm totally flummoxed as to why or how this could only be caused by logging into Diablo III.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem since the patch or heard of anything that can be done to circumvent it?
  • Howdy!

    This normally comes down to an issue with the modem/router itself. You could try contacting your Internet Service Provider to see if they can hard reset the device and set it back up again, check for firmware updates or replace the device. This thread is extremely old and multiple issues can cause this problem. Locking this thread. Feel free to start a new one related to your own issue if the workarounds posted here do not help.