Can't login into the game, Error 34200

  • I keep getting error code 34200 when i start the game. It's telling me that no servers are available.
  • Hey, UWLurker!

    This error is usually due to some clan issues. There's a few things we can try to get it working again:
      Try another Region. On the Blizzard Application, use the drop down to change regions. Then switch back.If you were the leader, try follow these steps:
        Type in /list to generate the channels you are currently in and /leave (Channel name, ie. General) each of the channels.
        Then wait in the Community list for about 5 minutes or so.

    If the error does persist, please let us know!

    Good Luck :)
  • Hey UWLurker,

    Apologies for the delay! Thank you for your quick response :) We've checked to see if this was an account issue, if an escalation may be necessary, and it seems to be fine on our end.

    Sometimes, password resets and clearing the cache can help. Could you try seeing if the error continues to pop up?

    If the problem does continue, let's try a few steps first:

    Then gather a traceroute and pathping test. I recommend to contact our Technical Support department as well.

    Thank you, UWLurker! We hope to try and resolve the issue with you as quickly as possible ^.^