Problems to play Diablo 3

  • After 03/22/2018, it was the last day I played Diablo 3; after that day I could not play Diablo 3, I try to open it from the Blizzard interface, but only appears a window where it said "What were you ding when the error produce".

    The only think I was doing was loading the game, nothing more.

    Really would like your help, to keep enjoying this game.

  • Howdy!

    ChugoxD - This appears to be an Access Violaton when the game is attempting to utilize your drivers. Please download and install the latest driver Here. See below if the issue continues.

    Ryft - Some type of error but could be related to a third party program conflict either Overlay, overlocking or a program forcing an effects on the game: 0Kraken0510DevProps.dll (Try making sure any software related to your headset is fully upto date or try disabling it then running the game.)

    If the issue continues for either of you try playing while the system is in Selective Startup. Make sure to restart the computer to get into selective startup and retest the game with out background progams running.