Auto minimize on game launch

  • I recently added a TV as a third monitor and I am having some issues. When I launch D3 it begins to load, screens flicker, then the application minimizes. If I try to maximize the screens flicker and D3 minimizes again, rinse/repeat. HOWEVER if I make the TV my main display I have no issues with the game loading, it runs fine. This ONLY happens when one of my monitors is my primary display.

    Now as a work around I am swapping TV to main to play and swapping back after, but this is extremely annoying as the TV is wall mounted above my PC and was never intended to have games played on it(its killing my neck).

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  • We've seen some strange interactions with TVs in the past. DO the games launch in windows or windowed fullscreen modes? IF you launch the game on the TV, can you use Windows Key + Shift + Arrow Key to move the game to a different monitor?