Diablo 3 Locks up on starting a game

  • For the last week or so the first few times i start a game, it just locks up I get the game entered sound then the screen is locked.
    Most times If i use Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to Task Manager I can sign out of windows ten then come back and try again, sometimes I will need to do this two or three times to get to play.
    I have had the game check for corrupt files without any change.
    All my drivers are up to date.
  • Howdy!

    This could be a third party conflict issue, the first step I'd recommend is to try playing while background programs are disabled. Selective Startup is a great way to shut everything down. Just make sure to restart the computer before you retest.

    If the issue continues please reply back with your Dxdiag. Make sure to highlight the Dxdiag contents and select the code block icon </> to make it easier to review.

    Thank you.
  • We have seen GlassWire SecureMix block programs in the past, it's worth checking it's exclusion list to ensure our software is on it. I understand this issue started suddenly but something did change to cause the problem. We do not have any outstanding issues from the game's end to cause this problem. Historically it's caused by a third party conflict with something else running and either blocking or not sharing system resources properly which results in a crash. Also Selective Startup may not disable GlassWire so it's still recommended to do that and setup the anti-virus to exclude or software or temporarily disable it just to be safe.

    If the issue continues feel free to add your Dxdiag.

    Thank you.