Constant 1016 Disconnect

  • As title says, I'm playing with a friend and she never has the issue, I get it frequently every 5 mins or so (every 1-2m when doing greater rift..) issue seems to be getting worse, tried rebooting computer, following steps , repairing/reinstalling diablo 3, contacting ISP, and making sure firewall has diablo 3 as an exception, not sure what else I can try.
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    We offer more steps on our Diablo III Disconnection problems article. Make sure to try steps 1, 3, 4, 5, before trying our advanced troubleshooting. If the issue remains try to play with a WinMTR running in the background to capture the issue. The WinMTR could help us locate the source of the issue. Then copy the WinMTR into your reply.

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  • SirWaccko it appears you are using a fixed wireless Internet service provider, this is in the same realm as satellite or any other wireless provider. Issues can come up with the signal from your locale environment making it harder to keep a constant and stable connection. If the troubleshooting steps above do not help resolve the problem, a WinMTR should also help us track the source of the issue.

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  • SirWaccko - As Maskraider pointed out. 1016 is a general disconnection error. The WinMTR tool is like a movie of your connection from your PC all the way to the Host IP. During the 1016 error it's clear the connection is dropping a lot of information. I would recommend to show your Internet Service Provider the latest WinMTR and tell them you are disconnecting from online games. They should be able to check your equipment and the node out side of your home.

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