Dominion's Revenge Pet?

  • Are we getting the Dominion's Revenge Pet as well or is this pet only for PC?
  • Don't worry, all! It will be coming to console. :) We're awaiting a patch (2.6.1a) that, for technical reasons, has been delayed for consoles. As soon as that patch is in, console players will also receive the Dominion's Revenge.
  • 05/01/2018 11:18 AMPosted by homerjnick
    Bump...patch is out.

    Indeed! The patch that is now out includes both the StarCraft Anniversary pet as well as a fix for Seasonal Conquests that were previously not completing.

    Happy patch day, and apologies for the delays!
  • 05/01/2018 11:33 AMPosted by homerjnick
    Would it be silly to ask the reason as to why it was delayed by 2 months?

    There aren't really specifics I can share (generally speaking, our internal workings are our own to discuss among ourselves and our partners), but the TLDR version was that some of our processes changed and we had to rework procedure for deployment. It unfortunately took longer than we anticipated as a result.