Won't recognize keyboard or mouse

  • BEC

    Yesterday when I opened the game it loaded, but when I tried clicking anything or pressing any button nothing would happen. I tried ESC or even read about trying to minimize it with ALT + TAB or other similar ways, nothing worked.
    I tried opening it 3 times, I also closed the blizzard app and tried running the scan that appears on "options" before opening the game.

    The scan went by, it downloaded something small, then a diablo update appeared.. still not working. Then I proceded to uninstall and reinstall D3, opened it and again it wouldn't work.

    Today, same story.
    Oh, and it's not about the keyboard or mouse per se not working, they do everything perfectly fine outside D3 (and inside before yesterday).
    They are both cheap Genius ones, but do the job for a casual player. And the mouse is wireless but the bateries are fine.
  • Howdy!

    Currently we are seeing a spike in contacts related to this issue and have found it to be Discord's overlay. You should attempt to disable the Discord overlay feature for all of our games, steps on how to do this can be found Here. If the issue continues try restarting the computer.

    After that I'd recommend Selective Startup as this is a clear sign of a third party overlay conflict issue.