error message for Diablo3 icuin57.dll

  • Howdy!

    Our developers are actively investigating this issue for a resolution. Just to be clear not everyone is experiencing this issue but it's impacting a lot of players. We are still actively working to narrow down the reason for it occurring, once found we will then figure the best fix. We currently are aware of two workarounds that have helped players get back to playing so far. Please ensure you try the first one before the second:

    1) Download and install: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3

    2) If that fails you can run the 32bit client. Note: If you end up using the 32bit client workaround, please keep upto date on this issue via our forum's sticky post Here or general discussion thread Here. That way you will know when to swap back to the 64bit client.

    3) Double check that your display drivers are fully updated. We offer a support article on how to do this Here.

    Thank you!