icuin57.dll error after applying latest update

  • I was just playing Rifts and a system message popped up informing me there was an update for Diablo III. Finished the Rift, closed Diablo III and lo and behold, Battle.NET started an update. Update finished, so eager to go on where I left of I click [Play] and... nothing. Or not nothing, but apparently I now encounter a critical error during the loading process. Required library 'icuin57.dll' doen not exist.

    I would like to down some demons, so any suggestions as to what to do here?
  • 03/01/2018 03:29 PMPosted by BringPain2U
    can someone tell me where this "STICKY" "BLUE THREAD" this is at the top of the forum is? Top left or top right ???

    It is at the top in the middle amongst the other stickied threads.

    Here's the direct link