This here proves how lazy the devs/mods are...

  • New season and patch goes live and its almost impossible to get a 4 man group going in public games. I've gotten 1 game with 4 people from joining a public game out of the 30 I joined until I just made my own games and invited randoms who wanted in.

    Obviously they did not do any testing before they let the new patch go live as always and as always there is another major bug to go with the patch. Ive said this many times that every time they launch a new patch, something is always screwed up with it and generally is not a small bug because they do not test anything themselves. They just launch stuff and hope for the best. Heck they still haven't even come out to say there is a problem with the patch.

    All this just shows how lazy the devs are when it comes to working on this game. And how lazy the mods are that they cant even take 20 seconds to come out and type up something saying there is a problem as this whole thing I just typed took less then 2 minutes.
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