did not know

  • I did not know there was a criteria for asking a question on the forum.. since we dont all ask a question in the same way. well i suppose i will go to just being a reader and do less attempts to try and get help from any on the forums. peace all to unburry over the negativity
  • Smoke, I recommend you take a look at our forum code of conduct, review some of your posts with an objective mind, and reconsider your approach to constructive, friendly discussion.

    Consequently, it's probably best to avoid creating multiple threads on the same or similar topics, or about forum moderation. Both are violations of our forum guidelines and can (and will) result in temporary removal from our forums.

    I really do love inviting new people into the community, but we have very little patience for those who do not wish to play nice, play fair or leap to hostile conclusions when disagreeing with others.