Diablo 3 Crashed immediately after pressing "Play"

  • Lem

    Just recently, 2 days ago to be exact, I started encountering a problem - My game keeps crashing right after I pressed "Play".

    Here's my most recent Error Code: 8723EE10-0BCC-4AFA-B9CA-32B5FA773A20

    Most of the time, I did not even get an error report to get an error code. I've also tried to Debug when the client crashed, and Visual Studio gave me the follow Exception:

    Unhandled Exception c0000005 - Access_Violation.
    But to my knowledge, I do not recognize any 3rd party software's dll that could cause this, and I cannot look at the error report.

    I have tried doing the following, but to no avail:

    1. Uninstalling and Reinstalling Graphic Drivers ( Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, including using DDU and do a fresh install.2. Update Windows. I have no pending / failed updates.3. Turning off background programs that have overlays ( Discord, Shadow Stream, Battle.net Streaming, etc )4. Reset in-game settings / play with 32-bit client.5. Update every drivers I have. ( Using Driver Boosters. )6. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the entire game / Battle.net Launcher.6. Do a chkdsk and a sfc /scannow on all drives, in case of corrupted files.If someone else has encountered a similar problem and has found a way to fix it, I'd really appreciate if you can guide me through what you have done.
  • Hi there Lem,

    I have a couple of strange steps to try here. You have done quite a bit already and I thank you for being diligent with your efforts.

    First, if you have an AV, I would like to temp disable that, and see if the game launches.

    Second, I would like to refresh your screen resolution as it has fixed some issues like this.
      1.Right click the desktop
      2.Select Display settings
      3.Select Advanced Display settings
      4.Click the drop down to change the Screen resolution
      5.Change it to what ever you want, we will just change it back after
      6.With this done, before you start the game, lets Reset the game settings

    Third, lets turn off a new Windows function that can impact the game.
      1.In the Blizzard App, select the Options drop down in the game tab and select Show in Explorer
      2.Right-click on the game .exe and select Properties
      3.Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’
      4.Press Apply and OK

    If any of these steps help, please get back to me here and tell me which one. We love to help and data like that can help us help others.

  • Hi there again,

    Sorry for the slow reply here, I do want to help and hope we can find an answer.

    It does look like the error you three are seeing may be similar. I think Lem is right about something else conflicting here. Lets try ruling that out though with a couple steps.

    If these do not help, we may need to do a bit more hands on assistance. It would be best to open a tech support ticket with a msinfo.