Wrong and unresponsive mouse cursor after game start

  • So I did find a problem similar to this in the common errors thread but the link to solutions just gave me a page not found :(

    This issue has happened twice now and a restart of battle.net doesn't help.
    As I start the game from the battle.net app I'll see the Diablo-style cursor as the game starts but as you get the box with three loading points the cursor switches to the default Windows cursor. So when the lobby page is loaded I can't click anything and I'm forced to alt+tab and close the game.

    I can't remember if this was resolved the first time from me rebooting the computer or if it just resolved itself.
  • Flexaris,

    It sounds like another program may be taking focus. Do you have Discord or any other overlays, like Nvidia Share, Overwolf, etc?

    Closing down background applications should help!