Getting unplayable ping in game this evening, 200's to 700s!

  • Hi I was under the impression that there was supposed to be some work being on on the servers today that may affect the game's performance. About 15-16 hours ago when I stopped playing the game things were running smooth as butter Ping wise but for the past few hours my ping has been jumping all over the place from the 200's, averaging 400's and even the 700's. What is going on, I can't play the game like this!
  • Howdy!

    I am not seeing any current outstanding connection issues with the Diablo III servers around this time. I would recommend if the issue continues to review our Diablo III Latency Problems article. Start with steps 1-5 first, retest. If the issue continues check out our advanced troubleshooting. If the issue remains after that we would want to look at the route from your PC to our data center. A WinMTR would be the best tool here as it asks like a movie of your connection over time.

    - Copy the WinMTR results to your clipboard, then paste them back here. Highlight the WinMTR text in your reply post and use the code block </> icon to make it easier to review!