• I can't get into the game keep getting the message unable to initiate D3D
  • Howdy!

    With the windows Fall Creator's Update (Build 16299) some of our games display error messages that the video card or D3D is not available. I'd recommend the following two steps to help get this error resolved:

    1. Goto your Documents folder -> Delete the Diablo III folder at this location. This action will reset the game's settings back to default.

    2. Right click on your desktop -> Select: Display Settings -> Advanced Display Settings -> Resolution: Change to a lower resolution, the next option down works. Apply and keep changes. Your screen may look a bit bigger don't worry.

    Run the game and it should work. If it does exit the game and change your resolution back to normal. Then run the game again and update the resolution in game before you continue to play. :)

    Thank you!