OK, I give up

  • Came back to D3 after playing PoE (no problems at all) and get 4 screen freezes today, 4 bounties gone, what a waste. Why bother? If the makers of a free game can make the thing run, why can't Blizzard with $5 billlion in revenues?
  • Hey Scourge,

    Its hard to say whats going on without knowing your system specs, to start with I would like to get a copy of your DXDIAG. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply between the [code][/code] tags and we can go from there.
  • You look to be on the AMD 15.7.1 drivers at the moment. Let's try a clean isntall of the Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta drivers found here. Before we install those, let's remove the current drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller.