Issue starting game

  • After clicking on play, the D3 logo will appear, then the window like the game is going to open, followed by a popup that states, "The application encountered an unexpected error."

    The only thing that changed were the updates from the last time I played D3 a month or so ago.

    I am currently scanning the game files, but wondered if there were any other issues that may have caused this to happen.
  • Going over the crash log it looks like you're using an AMD graphics card. We've been seeing a few reports and they look to be related to the new 17.12.x drivers. Can you try rolling back to 17.11.4 to test? For that we can use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the current drivers and grab the older drivers from here.
  • Glad to hear! Thanks for the update ^_^
  • Dantallien

    You have the exact same issue. Follow the same steps.