Season VI: Return of the Helpers

  • To strengthen community-backed support for the upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5, we're launching another season of our CROWDS initiative! If you have good knowledge of Blizzard games and services, in particular World of Warcraft, and enjoy helping other players ... by all means, keep reading, adventurer!

    CROWDS is a player-based support initiative that allows volunteers to help their fellow adventurers through Twitter, using an Android-based mobile app tied to our own social media channels. This app allows you to see and respond to tweets that are asking Blizzard for help. You can find more detailed information on CROWDS and how to use the app on our support site article.

    Regardless of whether you've participated in previous seasons or are considering to try it out for the first time, we're always happy to see more volunteers! Just like in the previous seasons, we've set aside a number of prizes to reward our best contributors. If you manage to outshine most of your fellow participants, you'll be able to choose from the following rewards:

      Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7)Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12)Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11)StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend)StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend)

    NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!