Contacting Tech Support

  • My lovely bride has had the worst time trying to play. Her problems started back in 14 and have never been handled correctly. We have tried to update and run Diablo again. Her puter now gets "This game license has been suspended. Please check your registered email address for more information. (Code 53)". Upon trying to get support Blizz asks for a secret question or a phone number to send a text. She can't remember the answer to the secret question and the phone number Blizz has say's it can't send a text message to. How on earth can someone reach a real live person that can help without having to march lock step with the rulez and regulations that don't seen to be helping?

  • Hi there,

    In this case you would need to pick a live contact type. You do not have to have an account to talk to us. In this case it seem more of an account issue and not a Tech issue though, so I hope our team can help.

    If the account is in your friends name, they will need to send in an ID on the contact if they do not remember any of the security information.