Darkening Tristram and how to start

  • Do you have to collect the seven (7) cultist papers? Because my wife and I created a level 1 seasonal character and went into adventure mode on normal difficulty level and no symbol by the Old Ruins. Nor was there a portal when we went there? Then we tried it separately as single players and same thing...Its 4a.m. here and going to bed so any and all help is appreciated.
  • 01/01/2018 07:10 AMPosted by MissCheetah
    Correction! As has been pointed out to me below - The few hours delay was only for the first year. This year and other years the Cultists will be there first for Jan 1-3. Portal opens after that so probably the 4th.

    Saw the confusion pop up and wanted to hop in to reaffirm this! Apologies for not reiterating this information in the blog; we'll get that updated as soon as the rest of us are back in office.

    Again, just to be clear: only the pre-cursor event (roaming cultists in Adventure Mode) is currently available. The portal to Old Tristram will open on January 4th.
  • 01/02/2018 01:45 PMPosted by Blackarrows
    One of the posts needs to be corrected, either this one is wrong or the blog post is.
    The portal will either open on the 3rd at 4:00 pm pst or the 4th as stated here.

    So, they're technically both right. I had the 4th in my head because the start time is programmed in UTC (midnight on the 4th). That means it actually begins on the 3rd in PST as a byproduct. Trust the post times in the blog at this point, as they were updated early today and triple-checked for accuracy!

    Apologies for the confusion; this is why I rarely post from home without my usual access to resources. :) I just wanted to make sure folks knew we were aware of the miscommunication and that we would be fixing it.