What are you doing for X-mass

  • So lets start I plan to work more on my hardcore toons with the hope to gear up my Barb :)

    I also plan to hunt and kill MissCheetah again :)

    I want to track her loot table.
  • I'd love to hear what the rest of the community is doing this holiday season - whether you celebrate or not, and whether it's in Sanctuary or not. :) These are the stories that often bring us together as people and not just faceless names on the interwebs.

    As for myself, I usually spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend's family (his stepmother has "claimed" that day as her own for family time). Then we'll be leaving straight from their house to travel to my brother's for Christmas Day. We'll be spending a few days thereā€”I often don't get to see my family because we're all nomads and spread across the world. He's military and finally stationed somewhere relatively nearby, so for the first time in about a decade, I'll get to spend the holidays (at least a little) with some of my family. :)

    Unfortunately, the travelling means very little Diablo time for me. I'll have to get back to the grind once I return home!