Diablo 1 and Windows 10 issue

  • Hi,
    I tired rumbling through the forum and couldnt find an answer, but if there is one, please just direct me!

    Diablo and Windows 10, cant get it to play. PC is practically new so no issue there. Has to Windows 10.

    I have changed the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 and then SP3 but I can only get as far as choosing a character and then giving it a name and then it crashes.

    Any ideas for me? Its for my Dad, he loves this game and wont move on to the later versions so I just wanna find a solution here please.

    Many Thanks
  • Hey everyone,

    As this thread is a few years old and an answer has already been received I'm going to go ahead and lock this down.
    If you do have any issues with Diablo 3 you will want to create a new thread in this forum and for Diablo 2/LOD in the classic support forum.

    ~ Zayssie