Am I Being Hacked ?

  • Earlier today I responded to the spam general text message from a player named JonSnow. The player was advertising primal items, so I asked if he had discovered a means of duplicating items (similar to the way people cheat in Diablo2). I logged off after the one-sided conversation (check my chat messages). Since then I have been getting update notifications saying that Blizzard Entertainment wants to make changes to my computer, instead of the normal update process when I launch the game.

    Has that player somehow spoofed the update software you use and is attempting to install malicious software, or has Blizzard started trying to update software even when a player is not logged in to the game ?
  • The permissions prompt is something we're currently tacking as we're seeing it pop up more often. If you could, would you be able to try moving the game folder to a different location such as the Desktop and see if you're still prompted for updates? You'll need to make sure to change the file path through the Blizzard app settings.