Can I play Daiblo2 on mac OSX 10.8.5?

  • I can't find a place to post for D2 so a redirect would be welcome, but that us the basic question that I want to get answered before buying the digital download

    Also, Do I need to buy D2 and LOD ? I am assuming so...

    thanks for any input
  • Frostmore,

    A hero editor (third party program) would only work on a single player character. There's no way to edit a live character file on our realms.

    If your hasn't been accessed in the last 90 days, it would have expired and likely already been purged. There's no way to get it back in that case. We don't really have any sort of account recovery for legacy game accounts.

    The account has to exist, and you have to know the password. If you meet those two requirements, you should be able to login to the account.

    Any future questions regarding Diablo II need to be posted in the Technical Support forum for Classic games -