Crashing at start

  • I feel a little stupid, but I couldn't find the problem that I'm running into in any thread that isn't at least two years old. Since I didn't want to *ahem* necro an old thread, here we are.

    My game was running flawlessly until yesterday, but now I'm getting a "the application encountered an unexpected error" when I try to launch the game. The report ID I'm given is C479E000-250C-4219-8E67-CF0687327E04.

    I'm running Windows 10 Home 64bit on an i7-5500U CPU, 8GB ram. Two things that are worth mentioning as I don't know if they're relevant or not; I have both an on-board Intel GPU as well as an nVidia GeForce GTX 950M with the latest (as of last night) drivers installed. My computer recently came back from a hard drive failure, and the original factory hard drive was replaced by a Western Digital 1TB 7200rpm drive.
  • Heyo!

    Mind posting a DxDiag report? Looks to be some info not reporting in the crash log.