account recovery

  • Hello all.

    I am coming to ask if there is a way to retrieve my uncles old accounts on diablo 2 lod. He passed away last year. His accounts are [xoa]zeus, zeus_xoa, xoazeus, xoazeus2, and xoazeus3

    I can provide certain information like his name and probably answer any security questions. I don't feel its proper to ask his widowed wife for the passwords or recovery email. I just don't want to see all his hard work go to waste.

    Also I have a few accounts of my own I can't remember the email or password for.. like z3h, zeusmule, zeusthreehund and a few others. If anyone can help that would be awesome.
  • ster,

    This is actually the wrong forum for any Diablo II questions, but I can give you a quick answer. Legacy game accounts that are inactive for 90 days become expired and are subject to being purged by maintenance. I'm afraid any accounts last used last year will be gone not to mention you would still need the passwords to gain access if they were more recently used.

    Going forward, for legacy game issues, please uses this forum -