error when i lunch game ...

  • Last night i updated my graphic card to AMD crimson softwer Re Live 17.11.1 and now when i started the game ...after login in blizz ..i press play..and screen remain black ..ang got this id error...E4EF8386-4484-4270-ACF5-D05D5FF4F315..never seen a game with so many issues..
  • Howdy!

    This appears to be due to an ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005). This means the game isn't able to access the resources it needs to run properly. This can be caused by a driver issue, or thread party conflict.

    If the issue started directly after the driver update. You may wish to try using a Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU). After the driver has been fully removed, reinstall.

    Before you run the game again check the following:
    - Goto Documents -> Open the Diablo III folder -> Delete the D3Prefs.txt which will reset your settings the next time you start the program.

    - Look for and disable any possible third party conflicts that could block the game from accessing resources on startup. This can include streaming programs, and Overlays. You may also wish to try starting the game in Selective Startup.

    If the issue continues please include your Dxdiag in your reply. Paste the Dxdiag in your reply and highlight the text, then clock the </> code block button. This will make the format a bit easier to review.

    Thank you.