Blizzard Doesnt Care About Botting

  • Over the past few days nevalistis has simple closed off botting threads with "no need to make multiple threads"
    Well how about you actually tell us what blizzard is doing rather then keep us in the lerch. Its an absolute joke that the solo leaderboards especially cant actually be compete in and to make matters worse you just close threads with garbage information and the company takes no action and doesnt tell players whats going in.
    Is their no hope for actual feedback anymore
  • I (and our forum moderation team) have been locking threads because multiples on the same topic are a violation of our forum code of conduct. Similarly, I have replied to a few to make it clear what the violation is, rather than delete threads or suspend posters.

    I've made no further posts because our stance hasn't changed. Botting is not permitted, we continue to issue bot ban waves on an as-needed basis, and we do not communicate when these waves occur. Actions that we take are discussed only with the holders of accounts that are impacted.

    Combating botting is an ongoing, tedious, and forever-long process. It's a "war" that goes back and forth between our detection methods and sneakier, less detectable bots. It will always be an ongoing challenge. Feedback is appreciated; however, spamming the forums with the same topic repeatedly is not.