Perfect solution to limit botting

  • This is my second post on the subject, because when i initially proposed my solution people kept coming up with minor excuses as to why my solution is "bad". "Problems" that i was able to "fix" right away with a counter proposal, so it makes no sense to me that people thought those were issues...

    So yeah, i am talking about a daily cap (on seasonal-only playing hours, per mode (different limit for normal and hardcore heroes).

    People have commented on 2 easily fixable issues on this solutions, and here is my reply so i don't have to write it everywhere:

    1) Some people want to play 24hour marathons. That is fine. I get that. But you have to agree that someone who just spent 24 hours playing a game non stop will have to quit at some point and go to sleep... And no one can do this for 2 or 3 days straight or he will DIE, this is a scientific FACT. So it is easy to suppose that someone who does 24 hour marathons, will play less in following days.

    2) The other "problem" people mentioned, is that some pople have irregular schedules and it might hurt them. Again, a legitimate concern. I agree.

    The solution to both concerns is easily fixable by making the cap weekly. 12 hours per day equals 84 hours per week. That could be a sane limit. So you can play more at certain days but you will have to play less at others. We are talking about HALF a DAY every day, and if you want to play more, for example 14 hours or 20 hours some days, you will have to play 5 or 10 hours some other day to compensate.

    This is flexible and covers both "problems" easily, while still limiting botting.

    Seriously people, you have no excuse to object to a seasonal playtime cap, if you are honest with yourselves. Only botters object.
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