The application encountered an unexpected error.

  • Hi, I'm an avid fan of Diablo since Diablo 1 until now, and I post this tread because I am having some difficulty of an unexpected error after I click the PLAY button. I laid-off for a month/s of playing Diablo and am trying to play tonight just to kill time. But due to some technical difficulties, i have encountered an unexpected error. I have no problem with my VC, anti-virus software or anything in software particularly. Tried to Scan/Repair the game and no issues found. Trying to restart my Laptop and still the same. One last resort in my mind is to uninstall/reinstall the game which would probably take me about a day/s because I am not always connected to the net or in my house all the time. So if anyone encountered the same as me. Please do comment and Help a fellow Nephalem continue his journey :)

    Thank you

  • Howdy!

    This appears to be an Access Violation which is normally a result of a third party program or driver conflict. Can you post up your dxdiag within code blocks for review? Code blocks can be applied once you copy and pasted your Dxdiag data into your reply. Highlight all the test and select the < / > icon.

    Thank you!